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Colors are bright and shapes playful in the works on view in this group show, which has an elaborate (and gratifying) investment in the handmade. But, despite its optimistic look, all is not well in this ecosystem of drawings, videos, photographs, and installations. Jim Torok’s diaristic cartoon meditates on the recent shootings at Virginia Tech, and a graphite drawing by Michael Schall portrays the titular “Malfunction at the Smoke Factory.” In a videotaped performance, William Lamson tries to keep a roomful of balloons aloft by blowing on them, only to have them pop when they land on his mask made of pins. Also among the sinister fantasists are Amy Chan, James Esber, Nina Katchadourian, and David C. Scher. Through July 30. (Pierogi, 177 N. 9th St. 718-599-2144.)